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How to Grow your Dallas Machine Shop

Tips for Growing Your Dallas Machine Shop

Running a machine shop or even starting one can seem like an arduous task. The Dallas market is indeed ripe with competition and established machine businesses already in place. Small Dallas machine shops do face similar hurdles like other small businesses, their non-industrial counterparts, however, they have equal potential for securing contracts and growing despite these obstacles. Here are some tips to help you establish or expanding your Dallas machine shop.

  1. Develop Partnerships

Developing partnerships will undoubtedly help you in a variety of ways. As mentioned earlier, running a machine shop is hard filled with numerous concerns about managing client lists as well as marketing your brand and also managing data and records. For a small machining business, you can have these taken care of through developing partnerships with companies that are specialized in these aspects.

Existing business connections are valuable assets and will steer you in the right direction, well until you can manage all these hurdles.

  1. Target and Focus on Your Market Segment

In business, being a “jack of all trades” isn’t generally a good idea. It is better to focus on a specific product or service and seek out a target market for you to sell your brand at the best volume rate. Targeting a market niche enables you to exploit your specialty to the max. For instance, if you produce high precision machine components, it would be ideal to connect with industrial companies and sell them great products.

This may seem like a limited market, however, you’ll be maximizing your sales as the manufacturers will focus on you as a supplier.

  1. Don’t be too Quick to Expand

Incorporating less cost-efficient or enlarging facilities, and not having the much-needed staff to maintain them potentially slows down your business and may hinder long-term expansion. It is better to have a more manageable shop with fewer employees and still exceed productivity average.

  1. Diversify Relative to Demand

As it is ill-advised to undertake jobs outside your capabilities, there is nothing wrong to diversify your operations with new projects that are within reach and have a cost-efficient result. Diversity helps provide sustainable growth during trying times when one sector is struggling in the market or is on a downswing.

  1. Remain Open to New Technology

Despite novel technical innovations being costly by requiring additional training and setting up, they may have a positive long-term effect. New technologies can simplify production, help you manage the business and enable you to accomplish tasks that seemed otherwise impractical at first. They’ll give you a competitive edge as it gains widespread notice.

  1. Integrate Your Operations

With a small Dallas machine shop, vertical or horizontal integration is beyond your reach, however, it’s still a good idea to bring most of the manufacturing process in-house. This smoothens workflow and improves output.

  1. Initiate Scalable Growth

A successful business growth is not dependent on the manufactured product size, but on the fabricating process depth. It’s beneficial to evaluate the products or services you provide to your customers and find out if you can expand their reach. For example, if you manufacture steel tubing, it would be great if you supplied them with fastening components. Securing expansive contracts from existing relationships is a secure and scalable method of growth.


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