CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining Services at its Best

At Bates Machine & Mfg., we believe in a culture of constant improvement through a continuous review of our operations and processes. As a Dallas machine shop, we are always concerned with the quality of our CNC machining services and persistently review and advance our process to make certain our production of parts meets customer excellence expectations and delivery requirements on time.

At our machine shop, we proudly offer CNC milling, drilling, turning and welding. Bates Machine & Mfg. is devoted to providing you with the best in high-quality parts, on time and at a sensible cost for all your CNC machining services and needs.

We utilize a thorough quality management control system using the most advanced technique and computerized inspection apparatus. Your parts production demands accuracy, punctual service, reliable quality and cost-efficiency. Our CNC machining services convey all that – and much more.


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CNC Machining Services is Precision in Work

Since CNC machining services provide high accuracy, a precise duplication allowance, and minute tolerances, they can be relied on to produce difficult or mechanically sensitive goods.  Whether it is parts for a client or your own aluminum custom CNC machined parts, Bates Machine & Mfg. can assist you in accomplishing your manufacturing goals when you choose a Dallas CNC machine shop.

Complex parts and assemblies must always be reviewed for effective manufacturability. It's for this reason that we are a preferred source for oil and gas industry parts manufacturing.

Our seasoned machinists and manufacturing specialists will examine every aspect and tolerance on your parts and help you polish up your designs for efficient fabrication on our CNC cutting systems.

In addition to our CNC services, we maintain the capabilities of a manual machine shop.  By employing the use of manual mills and lathes, we have the ability to quickly repair or make parts using traditional methods.

Bates Machine & Mfg. will provide you with in-house, premium machining services and bring you competitive pricing, superior quality, and punctual delivery.

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How Good is Our CNC Machining Service

Precision machined parts must meet precise tolerances that the human eye can’t even identify. For example, medical precision parts take meticulousness machining to a new level since not only do machined products require being accurate in terms of tolerance but the material, process and equipment used to produce the parts must meet certification/qualification standards. This is why our team is well known for medical device manufacturing.

Not every Dallas machine shop can provide CNC milling to produce parts and components to fit precisely with exact dimensions and requirements. Using CNC tools, the fabrication procedure is completed swiftly and with utmost precision.

The capacity to fabricate parts and components precisely, time and time again, is critical in so many industries. From the more evident trades like the manufacturing and motoring industries to the less noticeable including the food packaging industry, precision components play a fundamental part.

Bates Machine & Mfg., is one of the most qualified machine shops in Texas. We have over 40 years of know-how working with a massively diverse range of projects, so meeting your precise needs will never be a dilemma.  You can rely on our capability and our pledge to customer satisfaction, as we handle every order with the highest care to give you the best and most cost efficient machining solutions offered.

Additionally, Bates Machine & Mfg., can assist in part finishing. Through our trusted partners we can facilitate plating (anodizing, powder-coating, etc.) and heat treatment along with a variety of other processes to complete your parts depending upon your needs.

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