Top 5 Ways CNC Machining Saves Money in Oil and Gas Production

The advent of modern technology and automated machining has revolutionized the manufacturing world. Those days are long gone when manufacturing high-grade products took months of planning and people and people still used to worry about the end product.

In this regard, CNC or Computer Numerical Control machining follows an automated manufacturing process – generally an output of the computer-based instructions given to the machine. CNC machining has several benefits over conventional manufacturing methods including a huge cut off of the oil and gas production field – saving you a lot of money.

The popularity of CNC Machining Worldwide

Many types of manufacturers are making use of CNC machining to produce complex products and applications with utmost precision and on time. The expediency, efficiency, durability, and precise production capability makes it by the far the best manufacturing mechanism.

Moreover, producing large quantities of products or applications is not a problem when utilizing CNC machining for your business. The perfect combination of a grinder, router, vertical miller, canter lathe, or shaping machine makes it an ideal choice for almost any to every application.

CNC machining process is serving many industries worldwide including automotive, dental, metalwork, construction, publishing, hospitality, electronics, military, etc. – specifically, oil and gas fields are one of them. Follow this post and learn more about the top 5 ways CNC machining saves money in oil and gas production.

Top 5 Ways CNC Machining Saves Money

Let’s just not waste any more time and get to the point. Following are the top 5 ways CNC manufacturing saves money in oil and gas production.

1.     High-Grade Automation

Handling oil and gas fields isn’t an easy task. You need tons of machinery, a lot of money, and relevant experience. As oil and gas production will be needing a large number of customized products or applications, CNC machining can help. This fully automated manufacturing method makes it easier to manufacture more products for oil and gas productions without hiring any more operators. Thus, saving money from this end.

In simple words, CNC manufacturing initially requires a set of instructions to manufacture the desired applications or products including the design, dimensions, and other necessary specifications. These instructions are fed in the form of a computer program to the machine and the exact product is expected after supplying quality raw materials.

After setting up a CNC manufacturing machine, you need not worry about the manufacturing process as it can keep on producing products for hours and days – cutting off the labor cost.

2.     High Accuracy and Precision

CNC manufacturing is able to produce highly accurate products or applications almost impossible to achieve by conventional manufacturing methods. Indirectly, it serves as a great deal in saving time, cost of the production, and increases the overall pace of the manufacturing.

Oil and gas fields require precise machining applications and highly accurate parts which can be efficiently done with CNC machining methods. With fewer faulty or unconventional products, the work can be easily completed on time.

Not long ago, most of the manufacturing products used in oil and gas fields were made by a human. Though it is human himself who created the CNC manufacturing system, we tend to get tired over time. This is not the case with CNC machining. With continuous manufacturing without compromising the quality of the product, CNC machining saves money in oil and gas production sites.

3.     Less Manufacturing Cost

It may sound exaggerating but employing CNC manufacturing on oil and gas fields is a lot cheaper than conventional manufacturing methods. The ability to select from a variety of raw materials, customized instructions and other options make it an easier choice – producing quality products in bulk at a considerable rate.

Considering the high-end accuracy, CNC machining also reduces the waste and scrap products, unlike other manufacturing methods. This let CNC machining experts cut off any losses and improve the profitability over time – gradually saving a lot of money.

Last but not least, CNC manufacturing requires fewer personnel to undertake certain tasks. Most of the manufacturing process is automated and one doesn’t have to deal with the labor cost separately.

4.     Flexibility

On an oil and gas field, you might be dealing with a lot of different operations. One you’re extracting some minerals, and the other day, you’re performing a different job. This is where CNC machining comes in handy. To change the product type being manufactured, all you need to do is change the program. This can be done right away and you’ll start getting the specified products shortly.

In simple words, you can start manufacturing the same product again you did a few months ago just by changing the CNC machine program. One can have multiple verified CNC programs to manufacture whatever pleases the situation. The faster change-over makes it even better than conventional manufacturing processes.

5.     Little to Low Maintenance

When going through the benefits of CNC machining over conventional manufacturing methods, CNC manufacturing is on a whole new level. Moreover, little to no maintenance is required when using CNC machining as the program will update itself automatically when required. Once you’ve submitted the verified program to manufacture the end prototype, you’re ready to produce it in bulk without any maintenance required irrespective of the fact that the machine operator changes.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, CNC machining is the best manufacturing method to employ at an oil and gas field. The ability to manufacture different products on time with utmost accuracy, efficiency, expediency, and within budget makes it a better choice than other manufacturing methods.

If you haven’t considered how fast and easily metal products are manufactured using a CNC machine, you’re missing a lot. Setting aside saving money, CNC manufacturing also reduces many headaches i.e. labor management, mishandled products, and waste.

In case you’re still considered about employing CNC machining on oil and gas fields, feel free to leave a reply and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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