Saving Time Using A CNC Machine Shop

Saving Time Using A CNC Machine Shop

Right now there are plenty of companies that need specific machining done. For some, the best bet is to buy machines and work in house. But that can actually cause turn around to slow down. When you have to maintain machines that are expensive, large, and difficult to manage, production can hit a snag out of the blue. When production stalls, consumers and clients can end up growing impatient. That’s why you may want to take a different path. Companies that don’t want to deal with the hassles that come with machining in house can benefit by sending jobs to a cnc machine shop resulting in a good plan of action.

Why CNC Machine Shops Matter Today

For those not familiar with CNC, the acronym stands for computer numerical control. This is a specific formulation that works with manufacturing. Numerical designs are put into the software of a machine, and the machine then goes forward with continues flow to work with several elements. Traditional machines have been replaced by automated solutions. These traditional options include lathes, shaping machines, routers, vertical mills, and more. Computer aided solutions have several advantages, especially if you focus on the time element overall.

The Continuous Push for CNC

Let’s say you were to hire a good cnc machine shop today. You would give them your design, and they would implement that right away. If you needed 100,000 pieces, for instance, they would program their machines to work on this automatically, and can continuously manage production for 24 hours a day. Think about this in a different manner. If you were to have a traditional machining process, with someone that was working on each element manually, they would be working 8 hours a day. A person can only work around 8 to 10 hours a day manually operating a single machine, and that can’t be good.

However, when you match up what a CNC automated machine can do versus a manual machine, there’s no comparison. By having an automated process work 24 hours a day, you can see production time drop off, and quality remain exactly the same over time. That means no mistakes over the course of production, versus manual mistakes which are human error. Human error may not be high, but compared to computer aided solutions, the difference can be staggering.

Continual Improvements

Perhaps one of the best things about a good cnc machine shop is that they are continually improving their software. CNC machines have software elements that get updates. These updates are great because they can speed up the manufacturing process for nearly any company. Whether you need to build a great deal of parts, or just a few things, you’ll find that there’s a faster production value with new software. An individual can learn new things. However, you’ll find that a computer upgrade could speed up the output faster, and easier than waiting for a human to learn the latest techniques. Continual improvements make automation so much easier to work with, and of course, it saves time.

Less Employees

One of the best ways that a company can save time is through the use of CNC mills. A mill can give one employee the role of managing several machines at once. Because they are mostly automated, one just programs the machine and lets it do the work. They can supervise many machines at once, and ensure that quality is being done at the other side. Most machines don’t even need any replacement elements, with the sole exception being cutting machines. They may need new blades after a while, but other than that, many processes can be done in uniform, while supervised with less employees overall. This is something that cannot be done with manual machines. Manual machines require plenty of people to maintain proper quality and management. Without that, there may be holes in the production, which is not a good thing in moving forward with production.

Saving Time By Design

The big picture associated with outsourcing work to a cnc machine shop is that a company can work on other things while the machine shop is working on crafting tools, components and more. A business can work on sales, and much more. By allowing another company to take over the machining process, a business can save time, money, and manage more projects at once. This is critical in modern times as it can mean the difference between getting plenty of elements produced, or falling behind the competition. This can save time outright, and that’s the purpose of computer numerical control from the start.

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