Medical Device Manufacturing in Dallas

Dallas CNC Machine Shop for Medical Device Manufacturing

If you are in the medical device industry, surgical tools or devices for medical applications, choosing the right medical device manufacturer can be time-saving and ideal for you. You are assured of good quality services as we are geared toward improving the quality of life for medical staff and patients throughout the medical field. You are assured of a reliable supply of vital medical components designed to greatest precision possible. This includes CT, MRI scanner systems as well as surgical instruments like surgical scissors and cannula systems. Designing of accurate minute gears and components for cardiovascular devices and orthopedic medical prototypes is made possible too.

CNC  Services for the Medical Device Industry

Our micromachining experts are vastly experienced in assembling even the most miniature devices needed for surgery.

  • Cannulas

Intra-venous cannula like any other medical product is essential and in huge demand as it is used on a daily basis in medical facilities. Cannulas come in different sizes and gauges. To facilitate accuracy, the application of wire electrical discharge machining and multi-axis milling equipment is used to ensure high precision of the hollow, sharp and angled points of IV cannulas.

  • Surgical scissors

State-of-the-art technology in our machine shop is applied to ensure this vital surgical instrument is made to meet the exact demand in terms of size and shape of surgical scissors. Most of the stainless steel scissors are small, especially for eye surgery applications.

  • Biopsy tubes

The size of the biopsy needles depends on the type of biopsy procedure being undertaken. As a leader in the medical device manufacturing area, we ensure that you are covered in the manufacturing of safe, accurate and cost-friendly medical tools to aid in any medical field.

  • Saws and titanium implants

Orthopedics needs to make clean cuts and high precision customs saws come in handy when performing orthopedic surgeries involving implants. The effectiveness of these customs saws depends on its precision so as to avoid cutting too far into the bone when sawing.

  • Radiology

Types of equipment such as collimators for CT scans, anodes for x-ray systems and MRI tables are part of our integral machine manufacture of top-notch equipment needed by radiologists for successful surgeries. We guarantee superior results by customizing them to be mobile as well as durable.

  • Laboratories are not left out in our machining services as we offer lab technicians parts and devices for DNA insertion and analysis.

Materials used in Dallas CNC Machine Services

To ensure versatility, sterility and efficient machining in this industry, some lightweight materials are used in our facility. We source Titanium, Invar, Kovar, Inconel and Stainless steel.

Technology in Dallas CNC Machine Services

  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a common solution for machining micro-components in the medical industry. This technology uses electric sparks to produce accurately finished surfaces of implants, medical devices, and surgical equipment.
  • 5-Axis Medical Machining is effective in producing miniature and complex medical components for medical equipment. Microscopic types of equipment need this 5 axis technology for its manufacture, which lowers its costs and saves on time compared to machining centers with 3 or 4 axis milling systems.

For over 40 years our team at Bates Machine & Mfg. has been recognized as a premier Dallas CNC machine shop serving the DFW metropolitan area.  Since 1975 we’ve been servicing our customers and we take great pride in knowing how to communicate and collaborate effectively to get their project completed on time and within the budget.

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