Machine Types that a CNC Machining Company Uses to Aid Your Production

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines come in different types. If you are in need of CNC machining services, you should know the right type to use depending on your requirements. This is the only way to procure the exact product you need for your project. The most basic types include CNC milling and lathe machines, as well as plasma cutters.

Milling Machine

Most widely used in the industry nowadays, CNC milling machines possess the ability to drill and turn different metals. If you need to cut metal pieces into various shapes and sizes in a timely manner, then this is the right machine for the job. CNC milling machines are divided into different categories which are based on their number of axes.

machine types

Lathe Machine

For the production of three-dimensional shapes and molds of wood, metal, and plastic, a CNC lathe machine is the one to employ. Modern lathe machines can automatically change the tools, unlike the traditional type that requires the manual replacement of tools. This type of CNC machine is known for its precision, accuracy, and user-friendliness.

Plasma Cutters

This machine involves the use of plasma–produced when gas is either heated or exposed to magnetic fields–to cut two-dimensional molds and shapes of metals. The plasma works by melting the metal sheet, which is then cut depending on shape and size specifications. Plasma cutters function like CNC routers, but are easier to set up.

A CNC machining company utilizes these types of CNC machines to provide various manufacturing and fabrication parts. Even if the machines can do their task without direct human assistance, you still need to understand how each type works and functions.

A huge part of your project’s success relies on the right use of machinery. So, if you are not sure how different CNC machines perform, do not hesitate to ask a reliable company before deciding on a specific service. This can make the production efficient and prevent you from wasting money.


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